Published Work



'Quantum Leap'

A short story included in the 2017 issue of Kapohau / Turbine  - an annual online journal published by Victoria University’s prestigious International Institute of Modern Letters. Read the story here. 

'The Kiwi-Mumbaikers'

A personal essay about our mixed race family,  collected in  We R Family,  edited by Grace Chia and published by Math Paper Press, Singapore.

An anthology of eight unforgettable tales, We R Family celebrates the family in its colourful diversity from the whispers of homes in nameless cities to the metropolises of SIngapore, New York, Mumbai and Addis Ababa to the suburbs of Indiana and Connecticut.  Visit the Math Paper Press website here. 

'That Girl'

A short story published by Quarterly Literary Review, Singapore, Vol. 16 No. 2 Apr 2017. Read the story here. 

'School Kids'

A poem and photograph published by Singapore literary journal We Are A Website, Issue 6, 2017. See more here. 

'Ice Mountain'

A personal essay about a three day trek on horse back through the mountains north of Chengdu, China. Published by Kyoto Journal, Issue 77, October 2013. Available here

'The Predators'

A short story published by literary ejournal Muse India, Issue 39, October 2011. Read here. 




Articles on Women, Coworking and Business


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