I'm a Wellington-born New Zealander at heart, but since 2003 I have moved round Asia, from South Korea to Mumbai, India (where I met and married my husband) and have now been living in Singapore since 2011. I am also the proud mother of two pretty gorgeous children.

I love writing and have been studying Creative Writing for years through Massey University. I'm also really passionate about women's communities. In 2014 I opened Woolf Works, a beautiful coworking space just for women, and started a couple of different Peer Circles to operate within the space. I'm an ardent feminist and always happy to help out other women on a similar journey.

My first novel is a work-in-progress:  a New Zealand rural earthquake love story.

As well as writing I also do some small business consultancy and help clients with their social media and newsletter comms. 

In 2017 I am bringing the Woolf Works coworking space journey to a close to spend six months working on my novel. I'm interested in working across creative disciplines - please get in touch if you have a collaboration idea.